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HELLO FESTAC ! Chrisland School, Festac axis is opening soon. For enquiries please contact 08101192841 WARNING !! Please complaints or suggestions should be directed to the numbers listed on the contact centre only, do not entertain calls or direct calls to any other number found on any other website or search engine. NOTABLE DATES Mon 18th–Fri 22nd June, 2018 - 3rd Term Examination (Primary and Secondary Schools) ::: Tues 19th – Fri 22nd June, 2018 - Foundation Stage (Nursery) Day ::: Wed 20th June 2018 - Third Term Examination begins ::: Tue 3rd July, 2018 - Cooking Competition ::: Tues 3rd July – Sat 7th July 2018 - Prom and Graduation (Primary and Secondary Units) ::: Sun 8th July, 2018 - Love Feast (CCI) ::: Mon 9th July – Fri 13th July, 2018 - Prize Giving Day (Secondary Units) ::: Wed 11th July, 2018 - Prize-Giving Day/Year 12 Bonding (CCI) ::: Fri 13th July, 2018 - VACATION ::: Sat 14th July, 2018 - JOINT VALEDICTORY (ALL SECONDARY UNITS)


  • Great news, Congrats Uwakwe Chiemeka David. You beat all others to achieve this great feat in WASSCE. Indeed Chrisland is a name to reckon with in Academics, a nice way to celebrate Chrisland at 40...
    ---Juliet Omosehin---
  • It's beautiful to see Oak's house still dominating in the Inter-House Sports 2 years after leaving.
    ---Lekan Awosanya---

Director of Administration

Changing Trends In Chrisland Schools


Education has gone much beyond just the classroom teaching. The Teacher-Management issues are reminiscent of Human Resources issues of the corporate sector. This is why schools of the 21st century resemble corporate organisations. Chrisland School has set high standards for this on-going trend. The emphasis is always aimed at quality, and not quantity. Based on this, a lot of factors are looked at to further enhance this changing trend, knowing that students' learning are influenced by several factors pertaining to students' skills, expectations, motivation and behaviours; family resources and climate; curriculum content and structure; and the teachers' skills, knowledge, attitudes and practices.

Our schools also contribute as a major focus of educational research in all spheres. The ICT laboratories for instance, of both the Primary and High Schools, are all fully equipped to international standards, affording pupils, students and educators alike, access to technological development. No less can be spoken of the science laboratories which are continually up-graded. It is imperative that we inculcate and adhere to positive changes at all times, with a view to helping build a better, well balanced and standardized educational organisation.

In addition, a new baby has been added to the Chrisland family - the Chrisland Pre-Degree College. The college was established in September 2010, taking care to ensure that quality, which is traditional of Chrisland, is never compromised.


To standardise the delivery of quality education as well, Chrisland Educational Organisation has employed professionals in various fields ranging from Marketing to Communications, Computer Science, Research, Exams, Test and Records etc. In this vein, the organisation has succeeded in giving employment to quite a number of graduates, empowering the youth, and catering for the needy.


Mrs. Anike Oye

Director of Administration

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