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  • Great news, Congrats Uwakwe Chiemeka David. You beat all others to achieve this great feat in WASSCE. Indeed Chrisland is a name to reckon with in Academics, a nice way to celebrate Chrisland at 40...
    ---Juliet Omosehin---
  • It's beautiful to see Oak's house still dominating in the Inter-House Sports 2 years after leaving.
    ---Lekan Awosanya---


Dear Parents,


                                           RE: ALLEGED MOLESTATION OF CHRISLAND PUPIL.

 We write this with every sense of responsibility because it is imperative to explain the real situation concerning the above.

In our over forty years of existence, Chrisland has never been involved in any scandal or any situation that can tarnish the reputation we have built over four decades. Ours is an organisation with zero- tolerance to any abuse in whatever form, and we have put in place structures and policies to ensure child protection in all our schools. 

As stakeholders you deserve to know the true picture, therefore permit us to state the following:

1.This case has been on since November 2016, and was alleged to have taken place in VGC and not Lekki as being circulated.

2.It all started when a mother alleged that her daughter was molested, and we were baffled that a mother could keep quiet and not notify the school or report for two weeks. We also wondered why she left the child in school for a month, if indeed she was molested in the same school.

3.We immediately set up a committee to investigate the allegation and also reported the matter at Ajah Police Station.

4.While we doubt that nothing of such could have happened within our premises (considering our safety measures and structures), we gave our word of assurance to leave no stone unturned and cooperate with the police and all agencies involved to get truth and justice. We also vowed to prosecute the accused, if found guilty. As a law –abiding organisation which believes so much in the judiciary, we have not interfered in anyway.

5.The Lagos State Quality Assurance officers visited the school twice, interviewed many people including parents, staff and pupils and conducted an extensive investigation but nothing was found.  

6.We issued a release in November 2016, which was published in the national dailies, stating our side of the story. The accused was remanded in prison for some weeks before he secured a bail.

7. This issue erupted and took a fierce dimension, when the journalists who witnessed the court sitting last week, in solidarity with the plaintiff who is a blogger, started writing malicious stories (which are not the true picture of the court proceedings) being circulated online.

8.At the court proceedings, journalists were warned to be mindful of their stories since the matter is still in court, and is still an allegation until the accused is found guilty, but they have continued with reckless abandon. This shows clearly that there is more to this case than meets the eye.

9. We believe there is a conspiracy against the Chrisland brand and this is nothing but paid journalism. We pray that the good Lord will vindicate us.

Please be assured that your children are in safe hands; we have successfully built a solid reputation over the last forty years and we continue to stand for excellence.


Thank you.




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