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Standout from the Crowd...Be A Leader2018 Entrance Examination takes place on Saturday, 3rd March 2018. by 9am. Purchase forms at the following examination centers or contact 07033345880, 09063135544 for further enquiries BECAUSE YOU ASKED FOR IT ! Chrisland High School, Lekki is now open. For enrolment into Years 7&8 please contact 09063135544 WARNING !! Please complaints or suggestions should be directed to the numbers listed on the contact centre only, do not entertain calls or direct calls to any other number found on any other website or search engine. NOTABLE DATES 29th Jan – 2nd Feb, 2018 - Career/Mentorship Leadership Week ::: 3rd February - Inter-house Sports Competition (CCI) ::: 8th– 16th February - Inter-House Sports Competition (Lagos Schools) ::: 13th Feb. 2018 - Chairman’s Birthday ::: 14th February, 2018 - St Valentine’s Day ::: 3rd March, 2018 - Entrance Examination to Chrisland Secondary Schools

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Chrisland High School, Lekki

From The Desk of the Principal 

The High Chief Dr. (Mrs.) Winifred Adefolahan Awosika (OON), who is the founder of Chrisland Schools Ltd., refers to Chrisland High School Lekki, as ‘’the new baby of our family’’. 

It was therefore the direct result of Dr. Awosika’s dream, vision, dedication and trust in God that our new school opened her doors on the 4th of September 2017. 

What a great privilege, to receive the “Chrisland Relay Baton” from the previous youngest member of the family, Chrisland High School Abuja. We are the twelfth member of Chrisland and according to the Bible, twelve is a significant number! It is therefore our dream to make C.H.S.L a significant school, to the glory of God! 

During this special year, which marks our 40th Anniversary, it is therefore an honour to be part of Dr. Awosika’s dream, thus to carry the Chrisland Legacy Forward. With the support of our inspiring management at Head Office and under the guidance of God, we hereby undertake to carry the Chrisland Relay Baton with such style that we will be able to hand it over to the next member of the family who will join the Chrisland Team in the near future. We will accomplish this dream through:  

  • Serving our  children and their parents with His Love; 
  • Developing a dedicated, skillful and effective staff; 
  • Creating a well-established infrastructure; 
  • Offering/delivering a relevant curriculum that will ensure excellent academic outcomes, preparing our children to become Life-Long learners in a fast-changing world and to equip them with sufficient social, communication, leadership and entrepreneurial skills. 
  • Caring for our learners by motivating them and building their skills, attitudes, values and self-esteem to such a degree that they will become emotionally intelligent to face the complex real world issues of the new era! 

To summarize, it is our dream to serve our learners with His Love and to create opportunities that will enable them: to become courageous, dedicated, independent, sound decision makers, creating new opportunities, that will motivate them to achieve their goals and serve their fellow-men with passion and integrity.  

The greatest investment that parents can make in the lives of their children is to provide a quality educational environment for them. We therefore invite parents in the Lekki and nearby areas, who are serious about their children’s  future development and growth to join Chrisland High School, Lekki.  



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