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As part of the Chrisland Schools Limited, Chrisland High School, Abuja sees itself as a global player preparing all stakeholders for a better future in the international arena. Great emphasis is laid on academic excellence by philosophy of sound values.


We strive to develop the potential of each student and staff member optimally through quality education. The school is evaluated continuously against international standards and expectations by local and global experts in order to achieve the required bench marks in operational excellence, quality leadership, continuous learning, innovation, sound business ethics and customer satisfaction.


In order to face the challenges of the 21st Century Education, the school will continue to place a high premium on critical thinking, problem solving and creative focuses asking the right questions. Right now there is more than ever a great need for enhancing an all-round education with a specific focus on Mathematics, Sciences and Arts- driven by our Seven Strategic Goals namely : Academic excellence, Global education, Professional / Leadership development, World class facilities, All-round education, Expansion, Safety  and Security.


Chrisland High School is highly equipped with-well equipped Laboratories, ICT research centres, a multi functional hall, sick bay and a first world ratio of students educator classroom sizes.


Teaching and learning takes place via the E-learning concept, supplemented by interactive smart boards and audio-visual apparatus. All classrooms are spacious, modern, fully air-conditioned and create an invitational strategy with well designed and colourful resources. The school is situated in a safe and serene environment within Abuja.  


Students are offered a balanced daily cooked meal and a bus run to support safe transport of our learners. An indoor swimming pool and soccer field adds to the balanced co-curriculum.  


The school executes the British and Nigerian curriculum with a good balance between the demands of local and international industry.


We strive to “Show Forth the Light ” and enhance the traditions of  Chrisland Schools by exciting, engaging, empowering people with the philosophy of “facta non verba” – Deeds and not words will make the difference being significant to our primary clients the students and our secondary clients our parents.








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