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Standout from the Crowd...Be A Leader2018 Entrance Examination takes place on Saturday, 3rd March 2018. by 9am. Purchase forms at the following examination centers or contact 07033345880, 09063135544 for further enquiries BECAUSE YOU ASKED FOR IT ! Chrisland High School, Lekki is now open. For enrolment into Years 7&8 please contact 09063135544 WARNING !! Please complaints or suggestions should be directed to the numbers listed on the contact centre only, do not entertain calls or direct calls to any other number found on any other website or search engine. NOTABLE DATES 29th Jan – 2nd Feb, 2018 - Career/Mentorship Leadership Week ::: 3rd February - Inter-house Sports Competition (CCI) ::: 8th– 16th February - Inter-House Sports Competition (Lagos Schools) ::: 13th Feb. 2018 - Chairman’s Birthday ::: 14th February, 2018 - St Valentine’s Day ::: 3rd March, 2018 - Entrance Examination to Chrisland Secondary Schools


  • Great news, Congrats Uwakwe Chiemeka David. You beat all others to achieve this great feat in WASSCE. Indeed Chrisland is a name to reckon with in Academics, a nice way to celebrate Chrisland at 40...
    ---Juliet Omosehin---
  • It's beautiful to see Oak's house still dominating in the Inter-House Sports 2 years after leaving.
    ---Lekan Awosanya---

Alumnus of the month



“It’s great …I get paid to do something I love and have passion for” -BIODUN ADEGOKE


Please tell us a little about yourself-education, career and what you do presently.

After leaving Chrisland College, I went to Millcreek High School in Georgia.  I graduated from there in 2009.  At which point I went to West Texas Junior college where I played basketball.  In 2013 I transferred to Midwestern State University.  I graduated from MSU in 2015 with Bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts and Science. After graduation, I received my first professional basketball contract in El Salvador.  As at today, I have played in El Salvador, Italy and am now in Bolivia.


 You play professional basketball, when and how did you develop the interest in basketball?

I became interested in basketball as a young child, around the age of 7, when I would watch the Knicks (NBA) games with my parents.


Did you participate in sports while in Chrisland College?

When I was at Chrisland College, I played soccer and basketball.


 Can you recall the sports facilities available then and how well the students made use of them?

I remember the outdoor soccer fields and the basketball courts. After prep, I could often be found on the basketball court.


Did you have anyone to mentor and encourage you in sports while growing up?

I had many mentors growing up.  My parents always encouraged me.  At Chrisland College, I especially remember my teachers Mr. Adekunle and Mr. Raymond being very influential.  I would also look up to my older classmates for guidance.


Can you recall any memorable or interesting sports event while in the College?

One of my most cherished basketball moments was when my Chrisland teammates and I beat Doregoes Secondary School in the tournament.



In what ways did Chrisland contribute to your success as a professional basketball player?

Chrisland contributed tome becoming a professional basketball player by providing me with the sense of structure and discipline in my schedule that any professional athlete needs to be able to practice and become successful. It was also helpful to have the facilities and equipment to help me practice.


What values did Chrisland inculcate in you and how did they help you in life

Chrisland Contributed to my success by instilling in me the knowledge that we can all achieve success if we are motivated and stay focused.  Along with others, the teachers and staff at Chrisland showed me this, and I now have the light within me to go forth and show others.


At what stage did you decide to go professional in sports?

I think I decided to become a professional basketball player around my sophomore year in high school, not long after I had left Chrisland College.


Are you fulfilled in your chosen career?

I am somewhat fulfilled in my chosen career but I know there is still room for growth and more success through hard work, dedication and prayer.


How is life as a professional in sports?

In a lot of ways, being a professional athlete is great.  I get paid to do something I love and that I have passion for and I get to travel and see different places around the world.


What in your view has helped Chrisland to maintain its pride of place in the education sector?

I feel that Chrisland inspires students to reach to highest of their ability and to display it to the world in a positive and respectful manner.


What advice do you have for students who may wish to go into sports?

The best advice I can give to fellow Chrislanders who decide to go into sports is to always have dedication, commitment and have highest performance possible- Just have fun and give it your all.


What advice do you have for students/staff and Management of Chrisland on this historic event?


My advice to the staff and management at Chrisland is to continue to develop the students into leaders and successful individuals.  To the students, I would just say to never give up on your dreams and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.   

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